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Polly Plant



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These earrings were made from a playful combination of translucent clay, mica powders, paint and resin. I mixed blue, green, pink and gold mica powders with the clay to get soft, gentle colours with a summery touch. Each slice of clay was then painted with a layer of white paint and stacked into a tower. Then, using a blade, I sliced into the tower at different angles to get pieces of clay showing different layers. Once rolled into one slab, I then cut the shapes to create each piece; baked, buffed and finished with resin to add a high gloss shine and add durability.

The polymer clay is super lightweight, and this pattern imitates natural minerals and stone - each piece completely unique. (I wouldn't be able to duplicate the patterns even if I tried!)

I've handmade every single piece with care and attention, and hope you love them as much as I do!

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